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      New-model environment-friendly snow-melting agent

      The product is compound sodium-based environment-friendly snow-melting agent that can prevent reinforced concrete and plant root from corrosion. The product meets the national standards salt of ice and snow melting for road (GB/T 23851-2009). It is used above -12℃, sodium chloride content ≥96%.

      The product is white or light yellow crystalline powder. It is mainly used in expessway, bridge, airfield runway, emergency entrancy in hospital and other fields. Speical models can be offered at the request of clients.



      Dissolution rate/(g/min) ≥


      Snow melting capacity/(g/min) ≥

      90% of sodium chloride

      PH value


      Mercury (Hg) w/% ≤


      Cadmium (Cd) w/% ≤


      Chromium (Cr) w/% ≤


      Lead (Pb) w/% ≤


      Arsenic (As) w/% ≤


      1. Comparison with industrial raw salt

      Compared with industrial raw salt, snow-melting agent has faster snow-melting speed. Spray, throw, and liquid spray are available.

      2. Corrosion to asphalt and cement road

      Industrial raw salt is slightly corrosive to asphalt and cement roads.
      Sodium chloride in snow-melting agent is coated with surfactant to reduce chloride ion concentration and diffusion, thus can greatly reduce corrosion to asphalt and cement roads.

      3. Environmental pollution

      Sodium chloride in snow-melting agent is coated corrosion inhibitor and surfactant to reduce chloride ion concentration and diffusion, thus snow-melting agent will not damage original ionization equilibrium in water.
      Industrial raw salt can cause plant damages such as physiological drought, special ion toxicity, and damage normal metabolism.

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