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      Dibenzoylmethane DBMS-2

      The product is modified product of DBMS-1. It can replace traditional PVC subsidiary heat stabilizer β-diketone at the rate of 1:1 in mass. The product can improve reddening phenomenon of PVC products and increase compatibility with PVC resins.

      New-model PVC non-toxic assistant heat stabilizer DBMS-2 is modified product of DBMS-1.


      Yellow crystalline powder

      Calcium content:


      Melting point:


      Drying loss:





      1. The product can greatly increase weather resistance of PVC products.
      2. To increase compatibility of PVC resins, reduce melting point, and increase application scope through modification.
      3. To reduce cost. High cost performance.

      The product is widely used in various PVC products such as PVC profiled bars, PVC pipes and pipe fittings, electric wires, injection products, toys, and etc.

      Health hazard: the product is mostly harmless to human body.
      Explosion risk: the product is combustible and explosive.
      Skin contact: avoid contact with allergic skin.
      Eye contact: rinse with plenty of water
      Inhalation: from the scene to fresh air, keep airway smoothly. If breathing is difficult, administer oxygen. If breathing has stopped, seek medical advice.
      Ingestion: seek medical advice.

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