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      Jiaxian donates 100,000 yuan to fight against?coronavirus

      Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Anhui Jiaxian Functional Auxiliary Co., Ltd. has actively responded to the central, provincial, municipal and district government's requirements for epidemic prevention , and actively carried out various epidemic prevention and control work within the company, and immediately established Jiaxian's "new coronavirus" prevention and control working group to pay close attention to the actual situation of the employees, timely upload and release the spirit of epidemic prevention documents at all levels. In this special campaign to fight against the epidemic, Jiaxian maximize the protection of all employees Safety of life, make every effort to ensure the safety of production. In order to cooperate with governments at all levels in this fight against epidemic and epidemic prevention, and fulfill their social responsibilities as an enterprise, Jiaxian decided to donate 100,000 yuan profits during the festival through the Bengbu Red Cross Society on February 7. Fighting against epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.

      Jiaxian will contribute to the fight against the epidemic with practical actions, and will work with the people of the country to overcome the difficulties and win the battle against epidemic prevention.

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