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      Anhui Jiaxian Functional Auxiliary Co., Ltd.


      International Trade Department: +86-552-4956997
      After-sales Service of International Trade Department: +86-552-4956997
      E-mail: wl@jiaxianchem.com




      When you visit this page, you have become the most distinguished client of Jiaxian.

      Welcome to Bengbu.

      Welcome to the world's largest production base of dibenzoylmethane---Jiaxian.

      We'll serve you wholeheartedly!







      International Trade Department: +86-552-4956997

      Wang Li: +86-13965278260

      After-sales Service:

      International Trade Department: +86-552-4956997

      R&D Department: +86-552-4953503

      Director Li: +86-13855204856









      Get off at the Mohekou exit of Ningluo Expressway, go straight into Kaiyuan Avenue, go straight east for about 4 kilometers, turn right on Jintuo Road, go straight for about 400 meters, turn left on Yinhu Road and you will find it.

      Tel: +86-552-4952751







      Out-of-town friends can visit Jiaxian by the following ways:

      1. From the train to Bengbu Station, walk 604 meters. Take Bus No. 321 (towards Wuhe Bus Station) at Bengbu Bus Station (departure station). Stop at Jianghuai Miye Station and walk 4.1 kilometers. (1 hour 56 minutes)
      2. From the high-speed rail to Bengbu South Station, walk 268 meters. At the high-speed rail south station (departure station), take No. 128 (toward Xinchuantang) and get off at No. 3 Long-distance Bus Center Station. Walk 440 meters to Bengbu Bus Station (departure) Station) Take No. 321 (direction to Wuhe Bus Station) for 3 stops and get off at Jianghuai Miye Station and walk 4.1 kilometers. (2 hours and 56 minutes)
      3. Take a taxi from Bengbu Station to Jiaxian Park about 33.8 kilometers, about 56 minutes.
      4. Take a taxi from Bengbu South Station to Jiaxian Park about 30.1 kilometers, about 47 minutes.


















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