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      The company specializes in the research and development, production and sales of new environmentally friendly, non-toxic PVC auxiliary heat stabilizers, with a registered capital of 85.287 million yuan.


      The company now has 9 inventions and 34 utility model patents; presided over the formulation of industry standards for leading products (DBM, SBM); DBM and SBM have been included in the National Torch Program; DBM products have passed EU REACH registration and are brand-name products in Anhui Province , Anhui Province Industrial Products.


      The company is a listed company on the New Third Board, stock abbreviation: Jiaxian shares; stock code: 430489. In 2020, it has successfully landed on the selection layer of the "New Third Board", and the company is striving to move towards the Science and Technology Innovation Board or ChiNext.


      Key high-tech enterprise of China
      Provincial enterprise technology center
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